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The Hall and Collins Signature Echo Unit is the fruit of over 5 years labour for Charlie Hall and John Collins. Sounds originally produced with valve/tube set ups can now be faithfully recreated with this unit's unique and specific valve/tube emulation technology.

Charlie is well experienced with echo sounds. He wrote echo patches for third party host units that have been used by Hank Marvin and Peter Frampton for studio recordings and live performances, and now with the new technology specific to the Hall & Collins Signature Echo the echo sounds are far more authentic for your own use and enjoyment.

The serious guitarist is now able to accurately emulate the sounds that originally came from units that have now been unobtainable for half a century.

 Hall and Collins – Better by Experience

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Martin Cilia Endorses the Hall and Collins Signature Echo

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We are delighted to announce that Martin Cilia, King of Australian surf guitar and member of legendary surf band The Atlantics is endorsing the HCSE.

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All analogue solid state preamp
emulating closely the sound and
harmonics generation of valve/tube
stages of the Echomatic 2 echo unit


UK Built

Hand built in the UK

Expert Design

Concept, design and testing
by Charlie Hall and John Collins.