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Here you will find reviews from people who have bought and used the Hall and collins Signature Echo Unit - Send your reviews to

       I have been a musician for 40 years and a repairer / retailer for 27 years. I have owned everything from Wem Copicats through HH Multi Echoes and Roland Space Echoes up to and including Miazzis. Solid state wise the Amtech AGE Pro has been my benchmark for many years. I can't praise the "Signature Echo" highly enough. Built for the road and quiet enough for the studio there is NO REASON not to own one. No matter what kind of player you are, if you love vintage echo sounds the Hall and Collins Signature Echo gives you the the right result without the cost and reliability issues of old Miazzi and Binson echo chambers. You can even create your own! Bliss. Well done everyone!.
Howard G
       I received my Signature Echo just over a week ago so I’ve unfortunately had too little time to discover all the wonderful sounds that it enables the user to make. I have played guitar for well over 50 years and for a few years in the 60’s played professionally and have many fond memories of the wonderful sounds of that period. The echo units we used at that time were the Watkins Copicat and the Dynacord played through Vox AXC 15’s and later the AC30’s. The guitar I used was the Fender Stratocaster. For years I’ve been trying to replicate the sounds without complete success....until now! When I started playing my current American Fender through the Signature Echo I was amazed at the clarity and presence of the sound coming out of my Vox AC15 amp. After adjusting my amp settings I was even more delighted on hearing the rich warm Shadows sounds that have been always so elusive in the past. What a marvellous unit, it’s like being back in the swingin’ 60’s again.Well done to all concerned in producing such a marvellous echo unit.
Mike T - 15/07/15
       How refreshing for someone to actually deliver ALL that they promise, The new H&C unit is literally head and shoulders above the Magic Stomp, I never would have believed it without hearing it for myself on exactly the same set-up, as we know the MS is a great little unit and I must admit to feeling some trepidation when I first plugged in but that proved groundless on playing the first couple of bars: The build quality is superb, both attractive and extremely robust, the quality can even be felt when operating the up and down foot switches ( no nasty grating feeling ) Your choice of supply and distribution company was perfect, they were so very professional whilst conducting business, In conclusion, my cup runneth over and I for one want to thank you for supplying such a marvellous piece of equipment.
Frank R
       Well I'm pleased to say mine arrived yesterday, very pleased with it great service from Charlie and the team. I have put together a demonstration video for those people thinking of buying one. Please see here
Steve R
       My H&C arrived this afternoon. Very well packaged and built like a tank! I was also impressed by the printed box!
I've tried it out and can confirm that it sounds fantastic. It has that "something extra" in the sound that I've only ever heard on the old Meazzi units, and the echo "tail" is really special! I plan to demo it the Shadows club next week and I'm sure that it will go down really well even if I play my normal quota of bum notes!
Many thanks to you and all concerned in this venture. And what's more, It's British!
Mike B
       Mine arrived safely early afternoon today. Very well packaged and everything appears perfect within. Haven't yet managed to get past the somewhat protracted period of admiration and stunned silence. Hopefully, I'll be able to move on soon and fire her up for her maiden workout this evening. Meantime, in case there should be any remaining doubts, the HCSE's success is assured as my wife has now given it her unqualified approval..yeah!
Charlie, once again, I offer you my heart felt congratulations! The partnership between yourself, John Collins and the good folks at Electromech and Golfstream is proving to be an unqualified success story. As others have stated, and saying this as a diehard Scotsman, it's times like this that make me so very proud to be British!
Mike C
       It arrived about half an hour ago and I have played Kon Tiki , Apache, Wonderful Land, Blue Star & Flingel Bunt as a tester and it is superb ! The immediate thing I noticed was an elusive tone without the echo that sometimes I have got close to but others not, but it's in there !
So it's a massive YES from me, congratulations to Charlie and John and the Derek and the team at Electromech, as Roger mentioned it's built like a brick s***house and it's BRITISH and we should be proud - the best yet by a country mile and at a sensible price.
Dave R
       Just received mine ! Unboxed it and took a look. It is solid and built to last by the feel and finish. Toughest pedal I have ever seen I think ! Looks fab and correct power supply and a manual. Came in white cardboard box with a sleeve with information on and photos. I shall try out serial 174 in a while and get back to you. Well done Charlie and John my echo dreams might have come true thanks to you.
I can further state that the display is very good and clear and the whole unit has a robustness that takes me back to a time when British engineering was at its finest in producing quality products. Made in Great Britain is back !
Roger B
       Well it's here it arrived this morning !
It's just fantastic so much better than my magic stomp
The echoes are spot on and the added tone wow and flutter e.t.c. just make it perfect and so easy to use
Just one problem.......
I can't stop playing, it's taken all afternoon to get round to posting this,
All that's left to say is a big thank you thank you thank you

       All in all Charlie, I think you have achieved an amazing result. This unit is genuine 60s Shadows and beyond in a box! Absolutely authentic sounds. And the price is just incredible. So reasonable! This is not an ageing yesteryear product, but a brand new state of the art unit, that will hopefully have decades of life in it. I believe that the H&CSE will become a collector's item, rather like the Meazzi itself. Hot property indeed. The manufacturers say that the entire first batch sold out on two weeks, and they've started a back- order list for the second batch. I'm not surprised.
Malcolm P
       Hi Charlie, WOW! Received the unit today. Thank you so much for putting this unit together. it is unbelievable, truly unbelievable. Brings back so many memories-goes to highlight my age-but the sounds are something that I simply have not heard for so many years. They are remarkable. A lost era returns! To be cherished!!!! Cant wait for my children to hear it. Charlie, I am certainly not what one would, or for that matter could, call a guitarist, but I am having so much fun. Again, thank you so much for working on the project for the past 4-5 years. It is a credit to you and your partner. Still can't get over the sound! Your people in the UK. They were fantastic. Very professional, courteous and caring. Something very special in this day and age. Mate, I am blown away!!!!!!
Gary C